HELLIQ Society has a new member, Nikolaos Katevas, MDs, BSc, MSc, PhDc, 34 years old from Evia, Greece.

Nikolaos holds the following academic titles:
MDs, Student of Medicine
BSc, Bachelor in Chemistry
MSc, Master of Science in Quantum Chemistry
(investigation of drugs)
PhDc, Candidate for Doctorate in Quantum Chemistry

He received several distinctions, among which:
1st prize in School Painting Contest at 11-years-old (1991) among 400 participants
One of the best performances among more than 10.000 participants in the 1998 (difficult year) Final National examinations in Physics in Greece (raw : 147/160)
Proposed for the grade of Lecturer 407 at 23-years-old (2003), in the field of Chemometrics
Valedictorian of Physical Sciences Departments of University of Ioannina in April 2005
The only accepted for MSc in Quantum Chemistry from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2005)
First 3 positions, medals, championships and prizes in basketball, swimming, beach volley and ping pong. Inside the final of European Football Championship (Da Luz, Portugal, 2004)

He is interested in Physical Sciences, Drug Discoveries, Economics, Philosophy, Computing, Environment, Sports, Cars, Fishing and Poker. He is a member of the HELLIQ, GRIQ and Mensa societies.

Nikolaos, welcome to the HELLIQ Society!

HELLIQ Society Admissions Office