HELLIQ Society has a new member, Andrea Casanova, 22 years old from Switzerland.

Andrea holds a BSc in Mathematics and is studying Medicine. His dearest passion is Philosophy (concrescence of Eastern & Western, especially the notion of the Self and epiphenomena, e.g Egology), other interests entail Comparative Religion, Literature, Languages, Intelligence (arising social problems of the EG&PG crowd), History (Classics), Psychedelic Science (application to Medicine, Neuroscience, Psychopharmacology, Spirituality), and last but hopefully not least being helplessly enthralled and moved by moments of ecstatic wonder and beauty.

He is a member of: Mensa Switzerland, Glia, Triple Nine Society, Spiqr, Helliq, Elite, Sinapsa.

Andrea, welcome to the HELLIQ Society!

HELLIQ Society Admissions Office