Meet your life quality standards with your mind power. WINtelligence first international book series

“A Healthy and Adaptive Mind”. WINtelligence Books.

World Intelligence Network On-line Editions (WIN ONE) Chief Editor, Graham Powell, is compiling the first in a series of books focused on self-improvement and motivation, that will be circulated around the globe.

Supporting the first book publication costs, a crowdfunding campaign is now open.

It is a unique opportunity for members of the 52 intelligence societies which currently constitute the World Intelligence Network to display their thoughts, concepts, life guidance suggestions and practical tips to an international audience.

How will that be? Read on!

WIN founder, Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis, MD, PhD, is keen on the project and has written the preface to the first edition.

The main theme covered in the first book is: “A Healthy and Adaptive Mind“.

Many writers have already contributed to the theme. The first book is evolving towards a first draft.

The initial cost of the project is estimated to be around 2,000 pounds sterling. This will be enough for the worldwide distribution of an illustrated book with 100,000 words. Such a book is usually around 200 pages long and costs £12.99 in the shops.

Beyond the primary goal of the initial cost crowdfunding, this announcement is also a plea for contributions towards future books. The idea is that each content contributor will receive his own copy of the book for every thousand copies sold and a quota of any available profits when 10,000 books have been sold.

If you wish to support this venture, you may

1. Spread the word about this project among your social circles
2. Choose the book preorder perk on the crowdfunding campaign page
3. Donate using the WIN Paypal email account:
4. Donate using the following automatic WIN PayPal donation button (redirects you to PayPal)

Thank you for your attention and interest. Let us all make this happen!