Dear HELLIQ members,

Our Society has the first subscriber, Torbjoern Brenna, 51 years old from Oslo, Norway!

Torbjoern is interested in popular science, philosophy, history-especially WW II, physical training. Among other societies, he is a member of Intertel, Colloquy, Poetic Genius Society,
Artifex Mens Congregatio, Torr, Helleniqus, Milenija Society, ISI-Society, Epida, sPIqr, Hall Of The Ancients, Tetra, Global Genius Generation Group (4G), The Ultranet, PARS, Veritas
and the CIVIQ Society. He is the Membership Officer of ePiq society and the Public Relations Co-Chair of IQuadrivium Society. He is a subscriber in Prometheus and HELLIQ Societies.

Torbjoern, welcome to the HELLIQ Society!

HELLIQ Administration