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General Information

Full name: Lunavidere Yuki Tsukimi (月見裕貴)

Born in 1995 oct.14
Tall 6.3ft (191cm)



Mensan contacted



I’ve seven personal record of the world record beyond.
The standing long jump: 4m 55cm
Pull-up country: 51 times (no recoil)
Pull-up in 1 minute: 60 times (no recoil)
Pull-up Shouldering 40 lbs (18kg) in 1 minute: 20 times
Side steps: 83 times
High-kick (no jump): 2m 12cm
A Long seat type body Anteflexion: 90cm
(All In 2015 Nov. 20 years old)

WISC-III 161 sd15 up (full score, 10&14 years old)
FIQURE 166 sd15 up (full score)

I climbed Mt. Fuji (富士山) in 3.8 years old in my foot (5th-).
I’ve been accept an offer gifted program in USA from gifted sport group in mediation Japanese government (14 years old).
Football seven (society) Japan national team (18 years old).


Personal Statement

Dream: OLYMPIQ society member (score 180 sd15)



Mail address: [email protected]

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HELLIQ High IQ Society

HELLIQ High IQ Society

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Percentile: 99,997th

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