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General Information

I was born (April 1993) in Sarzana, a Ligurian town in the province of La Spezia, in Italy, but at the moment I live in Massarosa, a small town nestled in the Tuscan hills.



I am an IT expert specialized in cyber security, however, most of my time I work as a freelance programmer, developing software and websites.

Occasionally I also deal with: Forensic analysis, Private investigations, Business consultant, Business owner.



Inversely, in my free time, as I tend to be very curious, I nurture many interests, which often, combined with moments of creativity, merge to give birth to ambitious projects. Between them, philosophy and neuroscience rise without interference. Intricately interwoven sectors, from which I have brought to life different projects. As for the discipline that I love most in the world, philosophy, I’m the director of a blog called “UniverseZero“. The metaphor of the unconditioned universe, within the limits of the possible, without of pre-established dogmas and mentality, in which, contrarily, triumph scientific meta-analyzes, reconciled to logical and arbitrary reasoning, finally giving birth to tangible and functional concepts, which are too often hidden and abstract in classical philosophy. “Cogito ergo sum” argued Descartes; I think, and so I am. This is precisely the point, we are an entity which, despite being, soul, whatever you want, does not exist, bases its whole life on one’s own thought. So, what better investment if we do not implement/optimize the pyramid of our life?

My interest in Nootropics was born, that is, psychoactive substances, which by definition must have a secure, neuroprotective profile, and at the same time stimulate receptor activity in some specific areas. So I began to study, through self-taught university books, the entire field of neuroscience. To date, now four years, I feel quite aware of the needs to be put in place in order to optimize, in the long term, the intelligence of the adult. I therefore took the decision to write, in collaboration with another expert on the subject, the most complete book inherently cognitive enhancement.CEID: Long meta-analyzes and extrapolations have led to the consolidation of a unique product, which in a transversal manner indicates to the reader the plan to follow to raise his own IQ, and the infinity of derived functions. valid supplement to the text will be the platform, totally free, Nootropics Database. The aforementioned is the pioneer of databases on these substances, but the pulsing motor of the idea is the introduction of an algorithm, based on artificial intelligence, which will indicate, exponentially with margin of error tending to zero, the most suitable substance to determined user according to the cerebral biodiversity.

Analogy and pure logic, will compose mosaics worthy of note, but free us from mere recognition, mainly useful to people in need. In talking about logic you will have intuited my passion for cognitive psychology: Well, suffering from OCD, and considering it, if pondered, and discussed in the completeness of the unconscious, a point of strength, I titled my first test of the IQ own OCD IQ test. Mania will be reproduced for accuracy, in an attempt to provide extremely reliable scores. Finally, to conclude this vast parenthesis, it must be said that I am the founder of the first Italian forum concerning the aforementioned substances, in which public protocols studied meticulously to make it much more performing. Furthermore, the execution of a large-scale study is being evaluated to measure the possible benefits of the proposed treatment, free of charge.

Briefly, some of my passions: Physics, Psychology, Psychiatry, Poetry, and the magic of art.


High IQ Societies memberships

I am a member of the following High-IQ Society: World Genius Directory, ELITE High IQ Society, ICON High IQ Society, THINK High IQ Society.


IQ performances

My average IQ: 160-165 SD15
My best performance: 174 SD15.


Personal statement

Soon I will release a new high-IQ society: Neutrino High IQ Society. It will be distinguished from the present as the first to require high performance in each cognitive function. Only the brightest minds of the century will be able to access it, hoping to give life to an ecosystem able to catalyze the evolution of the human being. But the dream of making the world a better place is not my only ambition; My dream is to expand my mental boundaries by exploring the whole globe. An excellent conclusion on which to converge years dedicated to personal development. This is essentially the picture of my current life.Two small annotations: I agree very much the nihilistic thought, in particular about existentialism, and, totally changing tone, I consider happiness an almost unreachable good without the support of psychoactive substances, in particular, NDRI, as the forefather known Methylphenidate.

I am bizarre, I admit, a little too ambitious, but it is precisely thanks to the illusions that man continues to support an objectively meaningless life. A further thanks for the precious opportunity.



eMail: michael.lunardini@ protonmail.ch | michael. [email protected]
Website: https://www.michael- lunardini.com
Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook. com/Lunardini.Michael
Personal profile Facebook: https://www. facebook.com/michaelunardini
Neutrino High IQ Society: https://www.n-hiq-s. com
UniverseZero: https://www. universezero.xyz


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HELLIQ High IQ Society

HELLIQ High IQ Society

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