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To build and expand my technical and social abilities, and to make a living.


First “sat at” a computer in 1988. Began programming in “machine code” in the same year.

Enjoyed teaching during my A’ Levels.

Made extraordinary research achievements during my last year at my Electronic Engineering from Topi. Myself a source of independently marketable technology.

Directed my own tuition center during my A’ Levels.

Maintained a Network of 34 computers.

Have served as a Project Manager in two Software Companies – founding one of them in Islamabad this year.

Work experience

April – May, 2001 DesignMatter Islamabad

Project Manager

DesignMatter is a small Software Firm that I was asked to set up. We developed websites for (the clients of) our client company – Mango Technologies (itself a new company) in the UK.

www.egyptianmediacity.com was completed by us while I was serving DesignMatter. Other sites were yet incomplete.

It was after the first successful sale at DesignMatter, that I was asked for a feasibility report of a (larger) software company by several different entities.

Platforms and tools used were FrontPage / DreamWeaver and Adobe PhotoShop.

January – April, 2001 RemoteSilicon Islamabad

Assistant Project Manager

RemoteSilicon is the sister company of Franek Group of Computers. Marketing is limited to Franek Group of Computers while development is limited to RemoteSilicon.

The first produce of RemoteSilicon – Chameleon was a character based client / server application for the Travel Industry. Having spent time in the market, it had earned considerable brand-loyalty and was actively competing with its successor – TravelIcon.

TravelIcon was a GUI, Windows (95/98/2000) based client / server application for the Travel Industry. It also handled pictures, had a superior class hierarchy, besides other improvements over Chameleon.

Heading three of the five teams, I was responsible for shaping these (rather large) applications into Application Service Providers. One team worked on Chameleon, the other on TravelIcon, and the third did the client-end work. I was also responsible for Technical Support and Customer Support. Quality Control, Documentation, and Scheduling of my three teams also fell directly onto me.

Relevant web-sites include www.remotesilicon.com, www.franek.com and www.travelicon.com.

www.travelmood.com was completed under my supervision. I take great pride in having increased the response time of this site. Consequently, www.flynow.com also decided to use our services. Both these web-sites are Chameleon based. TravelIcon based sites were not yet complete when I was sent to setup DesignMatter.

I also take great pride in having joined a firm working without any proper documentation or scheduling, and leaving one with well documented and well-scheduled projects.

Platforms and tools used were Delphi, FrontPage / DreamWeaver, Adobe PhotoShop, and MS Project.

Jul – Dec, 1999 Vari-Eq Lahore

Network / Service / Software Engineer

Maintained a LAN of 34 computers and four printers.

Worked with the Technical Service team of Lahore Branch – in installing, and maintaining a great variety of medical instruments including – but not limited to – ultrasounds, MRI machines, angiographs, ECG, and an endless variety of others.

Went as technical assistance to Vari-Eq Software Department – Vari-Eq’s own distinct software house that specializes in Information Management systems for Hospitals.

May, 1998 – Feb, 1999 Peshawar/Topi/Lahore

· Worked on RUI (brief intro on last page). Software tools used were C/C++, VC++, VB, MATLAB, and PSPICE.

Fall, 1992 – May, 1994 home tuition Islamabad

Earned extensively during these two years in home tuition.

Fall, 1993 – Mar, 1994 ASSAS Institute of Man. Sci. Islamabad


Taught O’ Level Mathematics.

Taught A’ Level Mathematics.

Jan, 1994 – Mar, 1994 Prodigy Tuition Center Islamabad

Owner / Principal

· Setup and ran my own tuition center for these two months.


1994 – 1998 Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute Topi

Bachelors in Electronic Engineering (left incomplete)

Electives included Lasers and Applications, Transformation Techniques, and Digital Image Processing.

Achieved an “impossible” SNR at my Final Year Project – which was an optical, passive, software based ultrasonic inspection system. Though the picture quality remained poor (as it does in ultrasound systems) the change in the output (displayed image) with changing input (sample to be scanned) remained undeniable proof that the required SNR had been achieved.

1992 – 1994 University College of Islamabad Islamabad


Transcript ID: 2421160
Or http://www.brainbench.com/transcript.jsp?pid=2421160


Last Boss:
Mr. Kasser R. Hussain – Managing Director – RemoteSilicon

Another former Boss:
Dr. Shehzad N. Leghari – Director Technical Services – VARI-EQ (Pvt.) Ltd.
+92-42-5753010~6 (ext.) 212 [email protected]

Partner in RUI and Investment Plan (feasibility):
Asad Yaqoob
Microsoft Corporation Redmond/WA – Software Design Engineer/Test

[email protected]

Partner in Investment Plan (feasibility):
Ammar Khalid
Saudi Business Machines Ltd. – Professional Services Representative
[email protected]

Research Achievements

Remote Ultrasonic Imaging (RUI)

My Final Year Project at GIKI, RUI was an implementation of Laser Ultrasonics – a little known technology focusing on the phenomenon of generation of ultrasonic waves by a laser, and the optical methods of detecting the echoes of these waves. The SNR achieved by the detection channel was so much so that I switched to a passive system mid-way. The methods of achieving such SNR have remained the pivot of most of my research achievements since then.

The last images obtained were still incapable of selling in the medical ultrasound market, but the achieved SNR sent all resources and all focus onto defense applications of such technology. Work on RUI stopped in Feb 1999.

Software Tools

DOS 5.0-6.22, Windows 3.1/3.11/95/98/2000

C, C++, Basic, Pascal


MS Office, MS Project, Adobe PhotoShop, Corel Draw, among others


English, Urdu, Pushto.

[email protected]

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