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Name: Sherwyn Sarabi
Dob: 22.09.2009
Age: 4
Born in United Kingdom
Gender: Male
IQ 160
Facebook Page: Sherwyn Sarabi

Sherwyn has been in the eyes of the media since the age of 2. He started reading at the age of 2 and was the youngest member of Mensa in Jan 2013. He has appeared on national and international newspapers 3 times in the past. Sherwyn has started school 2 years early and is currently doing the curriculum designed for children 4 years older than him. He has now read 1032 books. He knows the entire periodic table of elements and can also locate any country on a map and match it to their flags. Sherwyn is a mental calculator and can do 3 digits by 3 digits sums in his head. Sherwyn has also appeared on BBC news, NBC News, Today’s Show in America, Sunrise live show in Australia, Studio Ten Live show Australia, ITV news UK, ABC News Oslo Norway.

Sherwyn is the youngest person in the United Kingdom ever to receive a full Scholarship to attend an Independent school at the age of 2 years and 9 months.

In May 2013 Sherwyn received a letter from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, congratulating him on his academic achievement.

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