HELLIQ High IQ Society is open for only 1 in 30,000 of the unselected population ×

General Information

Born: May 1966, Germany
Residence: Hamburg



Fields of education: Economy, Latin, ev. theology, Doctorate in Latin of late Middle Ages, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster – WWU, University of Münster, Germany.



Fields of profession: Teaching, economy, company owner (60 employees)



Email: [email protected]

About HELLIQ Society

HELLIQ High IQ Society

HELLIQ High IQ Society

Founded: 01/01/2001

Cut-off: IQ 164, sd 16

SDs above mean: 4

Percentile: 99,997th

Rarity: 1 in 30,000

Current Members: 338

Subscribers: 13

Coverage: 10,140,000

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